New to the site? Please read our Lost and Found Guide before posting.

Lost and Found Guide

Tips for posting a found item

  • If you've found something of high value, such as a diamond ring or more than $100 cash, you're required under Lost and Found policy to turn it into Central Stores (195 General Services), where it will be placed in secure storage.
  • Keep your description of the item general. Hold back some details and require the claimant to further describe the object before turning it over.
  • If you succeed in reuniting the item with its owner, log into the Lost and Found site, select your entry and click the "mark as resolved" button. Your entry will be removed from the listing.
  • Unresolved entries will be automatically removed from the listing after 90 days.

Tips for posting a lost item

  • In addition to posting on the website, you might check for your lost item in departments near the vicinity where the item likely was lost. Most departments keep found items at their front desks.
  • If you find your lost item, log into the Lost and Found site, select your entry and click the "mark as resolved" button. The item will be removed from the listing.
  • Unresolved entries will be automatically removed from the listing after 90 days.

Departmental Lost and Found areas

  • Iowa State departments are urged to retain found items for 10 days. Departments in high-volume areas may choose to retain items for longer periods.
  • Valuable items, such as certain rings and watches and credit cards, must be held in a secure location. Departments should notify Central Stores (, 515-294-0409) when they're temporarily holding valuable items.
  • Those who don't have secure locations or simply want to forward valuables immediately can send them to Central Stores (195 General Services, 515-294-0409).
  • Student ID cards can be sent to the ISU Card Office, 0530 Beardshear Hall, 515-294-2727
  • After 10 days, items should be sent to Central Stores (195 General Services) for secure storage. Be sure to include this info with the item: Name of the sender, department name, and, if known, the approximate location where the item was found.
  • Central Stores will retain forwarded items for an additional 90 days. Valuable items, such as rings, watches, tablets and phones, will be held for 12 months.

Abandoned property

  • Abandoned property, such as bicycles and items from ISU residence facilities, will be handled as lost-and-found items. ISU Police will hold abandoned bicycles in secure storage for 90 days.
  • After the appropriate holding period, Central Stores or ISU Police will forward found items to ISU Surplus for public sale.
  • ISU Surplus will work with an approved recycler to dismantle and recycle all unclaimed mobile phones, flash drives and portable electronic storage devices.

Busy lost and found centers

Hilton Coliseum, room 219

Items lost during athletics events at Hilton Coliseum or Jack Trice Stadium are turned in to the guest services office (enter on Hilton's west side, under the pedestrian walkway). Most lost items are maintained at the office for about three months and then turned over to Central Stores. Valuables, such as keys, phones, glasses, wallets, drivers' licenses and jewelry, remain at the Hilton office longer. Contact: , 515-294-7319.

Memorial Union, information desk

Items are kept for approximately one month before they are sent to Central Stores. Visit or contact the information desk with questions, 515-296-6848.

Parks Library

Lost items are kept at the main desk. Items that smell badly, containers with food, and toiletries will be thrown away prior to the library’s closing time. Liquids in water bottles/mugs will be dumped nightly. All other items will be sent to Central Stores after 14 business days.

Recreation Services (Beyer Hall, Lied Center, State Gym)

Lost items are kept in the designated area for each building for 30 days. After that, items of value, credit cards and jewelry, are sent to Central Stores. Gym gear, such as undergarments, swim wear and toiletries, are discarded.

Residence halls

Lost items are sent to the hall desks and recorded. All unclaimed items at the end of the year are sent to Central Stores. Bedding and personal items, such as undergarments and towels, are discarded. Other items are held for 90 days and sold through surplus.

Scheman Building, 1st Floor Administrative Office

  • The Scheman Building
  • Fisher Theater
  • Stephens Auditorium (During an event lost items may be reported, turned in or claimed at the Guest Services Desk located on the main floor.)

Please contact us at 515-294-3348, Mon-Fri, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Lost and found items are kept for 30 days.