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Lost and Found Guide

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Department and office lost and found areas

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Busy lost and found centers

Hilton Coliseum and Jack Trice Stadium

Items lost in Hilton Coliseum or Jack Trice Stadium are held in the athletics department’s guest services office, located inside the west doors of Hilton Coliseum (under the pedestrian walkway). Most lost items are held about three months, then sent to Central Stores. Valuable items, such as keys, phones, glasses, wallets, drivers' licenses and jewelry, are held longer. Contact: , 515-294-2576.

Memorial Union

Items are kept at the information desk for approximately one month, then sent to Central Stores. The information desk is located on the MU second floor (east side, near the parking ramp). Contact: 515-296-6848.

Parks Library

Lost items are kept at the main desk. Items that smell badly, containers with food, and toiletries will be thrown away prior to closing time. Liquids in containers such as water bottles will be dumped nightly. Lost items are sent to Central Stores after 14 business days. Contact: , 515-294-3642.

Recreation Services

Items lost in Beyer Hall, Lied Recreation Center and State Gym are kept at the service desk of that building for 30 days, then sent to Central Stores. Valuables such as credit cards and jewelry are secured. Gym gear such as undergarments, swim wear and toiletries are discarded. Contact: 515-294-4980.

Residence halls

Lost items are recorded and held at the residence hall front desk. Unclaimed items are sent to Central Stores at the end of the year. Bedding and personal items (undergarments and towels, for example) are discarded. Other items are held for 90 days, then released to public sale. Contact: Hall desks and community offices.

Iowa State Center

The Iowa State Center includes three facilities: Fisher Theater, Scheman Building, and Stephens Auditorium. Lost items are kept for 30 days at either the Stephens ticket office (main floor) or Scheman guest services desk (first floor). Contact: 515-294-7319.